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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Survey Feedback Strongly Requested

There are some great play-spaces now available to us, and the scene is heating-up quickly. I can easily name three sling-party-type events coming up in the next month, with more later on.


In order to move forward, more info is needed, from YOU:

Drop me an email at FistingBrotherhoodSD, and tell me more about yourself:

How willing are you to attend events?

How willing are you to contribute time or energy to events?

Does this "brotherhood" thing we keep talking about just seem like a distraction, as opposed to just getting down to piggy play?

What is your level of expertise, experience or enthusiasm, particularly toward being part of a group?

Do you have a portable sling?

Do you tend toward Top, versatile or bottom?

Can you teach others?

Would you like to be taught?

What lesson topic in particular interests you?

Anything else, that I have forgotten to ask?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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