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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Don't Forget! FBSD Social, This Thursday

From Papa Tony:

This Thursday's event at the Eagle is coming up fast.  Please take the time to be there.  This has the possibility of being hugely significant.  We have needed such a fisting brotherhood for a long time.

If you have ideas for how such a group can best succeed in 2014 and beyond, please bring your ideas, dreams, suggestions (or complaints) and share them with boy kevin ( and myself (papatony

If you want a fisting group that handles YOUR needs, then it's no good to just sit back and complain.  That's what we have all been doing for years, for all of the good that it has done for us.  I'm as guilty as anybody.

New-style groups like this one are "crowd-sourced", meaning that they function best when everybody has a hand in how it works.  Literally :-)  The goal is to create a team of men who can share their wisdom, resources, time, mentoring, and eagerness to learn.

In the meantime, let's find excellent reasons to drop the shields, be sociable, and become better friends!

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